Welcome to Flight & Partners, an FCA Authorised and Regulated Fund Manager.

Flight and Partners Ltd is a Fund Manager based in London and regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We specialize in managing funds which focus on particular niches. We are able to work with experts with proven track records in areas we have identified to give investors in our funds access to opportunities that would otherwise only be available as a direct investment. 

The Directors of Flight and Partners are seasoned investment professionals with over 50 years of investment experience behind them. 

Howard FLightThe chairman, Howard Flight, was the co-founder of Guinness Flight, a highly successful Fund manager which was sold to Investec in 1998. He has since then served as a member of the shadow treasury team when he was in parliament between 1997 to 2002. He is currently the director of businesses with over £10bn of funds under management. 

Marke Warde Norbury Mark Warde-Norbury is the founder and now chairman of Marechale Capital Plc. Now listed on the London Stock Exchange, the business is a successful investment advisory firm.  

PermjotPermjot Valia
is an active angel investor and currently sits on the Board of the British Business Angel Association. He obtained FCA accreditation in 2007.

Our funds are only suitable for investors who are deemed by the Financial Conduct Authority to be professional, sophisticated or high net worth individuals. If in doubt, please consult your financial adviser. 

To learn more about the funds and how to invest, please tick the box below to confirm that you are a professional or sophisticated investor.

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Flight & Partners Limited, 6 Barton Street, London, SW1P 3NG.
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA registration number  472627 | PRIVACY STATEMENT